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Cayman Brac - Intimate Luxury -Updated 3 April , 2012:

Travelogue page 2: - James Hollis, Great Pacific Diving:

Amanda and Eleanor enjoy the clear 80-degree (F) waters of Cayman Brac. Dives were all easy, comfortable and had spectacular marine life!
Dan, Ken and James enjoying a pre-dive briefing. The Divemasters would sketch the dive area on a whiteboard, and give remarkably detailed explanations of the sites. Reef Divers personnel were highly experienced and completely familiar with their dives!
The bow section of the MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts (re-named Soviet/Russian warship). The Tibbetts family is regaled as the most successful and influential in Cayman Islands (including owing the Brac Reef Resort). Photo by Ken Sutherland

From the moment that we submerged, several aquatic animals would curiously engage-us. The most common was the Nassau Grouper (below - photo by Ken Sutherland). They would follow us throughout the dive, and were always happy to have Ken take another series of photos!

The habituation of several of the fish was striking, again suggesting that on-going feeding by the divers/divemasters was taking place

Probably our most intense encounter with a local reef resident was the green moray at Plymouth Rock. That moray was more pet than eel, and interacted playfully with the divers. The moray would respond to auditory signals (banging fists into palm would cause it to swim-over), and it would happily allow divers to stroke and touch it. The sight of a 5' green moray making a direct line for the divers was unnerving for some, but clearly a delight for the photographers!

5' Green Moray at Plymouth Rock. This eel interacted playfully with the group, delighting most, especially the photographers!

Ken Sutherland

Amanda grinning from "ear-to-ear" after another amazing dive. The Cayman Islands offer some of the best Caribbean diving, accommodations and dive operators found anywhere.
James above the deck of the MV Capt Keith Tibbetts, a re-purposed Soviet/Russian warship.

Lionfish are being treated as a non-indigenous, invasive species in several areas of the Caribbean. Although a beautiful creature, the lack of established predators has many charter operators embarking on a training mission to have the local morays, groupers and others learn to eat them. Photo Ken Sutherland

Ken Sutherland snaps a great photo of a barracuda


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