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"Cozumel is a place that every diver should visit at least once (and ideally a gazilllion times). With the group programs offered by Great Pacific, there is no reason not to come. Come join in on the experience of a lifetime." James Hollis, Bwana, Great Pacific Diving

  Adrian strikes a GQ pose while waiting for the charter boat. Several local Cozumel ladies were later seen buying lottery tickets for a chance to be a future wife for him.
  Jim & Kay Barnes reach out and touch a heckuva big telephone.
  After a tough morning of drifting in 80-degree water (F) and another tasty nosh at the Hotel Cozumel, Adrian snoozes at the beachside cafe
  All GPD Cozumel trips have included an optional "Cenote" cavern experience. The Yucatan peninsula with its' limestone geology has an enormous series of flooded caverns & caves that divers can explore. When the jungle overhead a cavern or cave collapses, an opening known as a "well" or "Cenote" (in Mayan) is formed. Exploration of the Cenotes can normally only be made by trained cavern or cave divers.

We use local cave instructors who give extensive briefings and limit group size to a max of 4 when we take our divers into the Cenotes.


PHOTOS » International » Cozumel, Mexico » 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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