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Always Great Prices at Great Pacific Diving: BC Clearances....


Scuba Diving Magazine's "Best Buy" award:

"excellent adjustability of the straps and valve flow rates and valve operation. Jacket-style, non-weight-integrated. Best Buy."

msrp $489

Sale $149
(one only - m)

Maverick BC - weight integrated

msrp $599

Sale $199
(one only XS)

Aqua Lung Wave BC

A super tough BC ideal for longterm durability in the ocean, and pool!

Armorshell Cordura Jacket-style - won't fade even if you take this to every one of your tropical vacations for years and years. Lifetime warranty.

msrp $499

Sale $199



Classic Stabilizing Jacket - the BC the invented this style of design!

msrp $689

Sale $149
(1 med lime, 1 med pink)

SeaQuest Spec IV BC

Basic non-weight integrated for those who like to keep it simple!

msrp $499

Sale $149
(1 med only)


EQUIPMENT » Specials 1 2 3 4

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