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Great Pacific Diving has built its reputation on providing the best in diver education, sales, and service.

We appreciate and value all feedback. If we've done something spectacular, let us know, and (with your permission) we can share your experience(s) with those considering joining-us for training or otherwise. Even more importantly, let us know if anything has not been ideal, and we'll do cartwheels to make it better!

Tell-us what you think, and we'll enter your name for draws for a $100 Gift Certificate at GPD. Click-on the email link, and send-us a note!

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I did my first open water diving and i was quite nervous about diving in the ocean, yesterday (july 21st) was my first time swimming in the ocean with diving instructors Deon, David, and Melissa.

These instructors were all so amazing! they each spent time by my side in the water helping me to descend and equalize, which i may not have accomplished without their support and patience.

On the last day of the course (today, july 22nd) I was able to do both underwater dives off the charter boat and it was an incredible experience! i am so happy that i was able to demonstrate all of the skills required for this course, and am no longer afraid of the ocean, and feel confident in my ability to safely continue to go diving. I had a lot of fun and look forward to joining another diving adventure with Pacific Diving in the future.

Thank you Great Pacific Diving!

Sincerely, Shawneen S


Hey Dion

Lorant here.

I just wanted to say that you are the most amazing diving teacher ever. You took extra time with me, you explained things more than once in different ways for me to understand as im not the brightest light on the christmas tree. You took the extra 20 minutes of your time to explain something (compass) which was not clear in the beginning. You took extra precaution in the ocean when we went diving and gave me and others real scenarios what could happen and what to do, and mostly what I really loved is the "tips here and there" which are key to survival or survival of others. You have extreme hands on experience as a result you can give off vital information to students in the future. I extremely enjoyed the whole entire course, and would like to know how to continue to the next stage.

Hands down DION RULES!!!




This past weekend my fiancé and I completed our open water certifications with Deon and Melissa, and I can genuinely say it was a great experience.

Deon and Melissa did a great job of teaching all the relevant skills and showing us around. I appreciated their classroom format of getting all the paperwork type stuff out of the way early so we could get down to the real diving bits. This was good for me as I learn far better by doing.

Where Deon and Melissa really shined however was in ther patience; Deon in particular was a tremendous calming influence and exuded experience.

My fiance had trouble with some of the skills and due to anxiety of having to perform them on the ocean dives struggled. Both instructors were exceptionally patient and helped her learn and work through the problems.

Deon even took time between dives to have a few words with her. This was above and beyond and solidifies our choice to go with GPD.

I'll definitely be doing my Advanced with GPD and would like to pursue my master diving. Looking forward to a few more post diving beers.


Allyn E

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